Monday, October 10, 2011


He/She was helpless. He/She couldn't take it anymore.
He/She was too weak to deal with it.

He/She put an end to it
He/She didn't know that there were better ways to deal their problems.

I wont blame him/her.
People talked about the tragedy. Did a psychological study. Published papers. 

Nobody cared him/her much. People on this earth are very selfish. They don't have time to care for others.
They seem to be on an important game. Just to win a horrible death at end.

A friend's friend committed suicide. Please pray for his soul. Thank you.


  1. thats bad.. may his/her soul rest in peace..

  2. :/ My best friend had committed suicide when I was in 11th grade.
    Couple of weeks back, a girl from my college died.. 'cause of irresponsible jerks! :/


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