Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You, me, Revolution and Love

It is very calm and quiet today.
Yes I noticed.

The climate is also nice.
Yes I wish if I could run out and play.

It is sad that we are statues.
Don't ever remind me that.

I wish one day there will be a revolution to free us.
No. Human beings will never understand our pain.

Because they don't know that "Everything has a shape has a soul too".

But I still dream about revolution.
Do you believe in revolutions?

But not me. They will never be such an equality. Poor will be poor. Rich will be rich.

What I believe is in social equality. Not financial. It can be achieved even there is no financial equality.
Me too thought of it. I hate everyone who discriminates others on the basis of cast, creed, race or color.

Hmm.. You look very bad. Those people don't even mind putting color on us these days.
Yes. I know. I saw it.

I used to watch us on the reflections of those vehicles' glasses.

Look at those people. Everything changed. The way they speak, dress, live..
Yes. It changes very fast now.

Do you see that old couple? On that corner.
Yes I do.

You see they still hold their hands. Its been 30 years. Still.
Yes. Everything changed. But not LOVE.

I wish if I could kiss thee.
I wish if my dream comes true.


  1. Wow...What a portrayal of all their thoughts...I loved it..

  2. Even the sculptor couldn't have known their thoughts this well :)

  3. That was amazingly done!
    It took 2012 to bring me to your place, but, i am glad i dropped by now:).
    Will check back later, keep writing.

  4. @Live2cherish
    Thank you. :) Visit often.

  5. jus gettin better n better:)...beautiful:)

  6. jus gettin better n better:)...beautiful:)


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