Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Independence day message

We all are going through a difficult phase, in which we see, talk and hug people on basic of their religion(at least some of us DO!, sadly). And want to get whole country(later the whole world, I don't know what after that) under one religion. And we will fight for that, just to make our God, the winner. I never understood the fact that when the God can't take care of him/herself, how he/she will protect us. I don't think  that, one cant live in a world because he/she believe in a different religion. I have wrote about this before. In an older post "I believe in one and only one god. I don't think there are separate gods for Hindu, Muslim and Christians. You can reach a destination by different methods right? By bus, by boat, by walk etc. Consider our destination as God and different methods/routes as religions. All problems are solved. Believe in your paths. And respect other ones."

And fighting each other we distroy our Nation. Just think. You belive in a God and you cant worship him/her. You can't go to temple/mosque/church? You have big house and concreate fence but anyone can break it? You have beautiful wife and children and anybody can hurt them? You have big playground in front of your house but you just cant play! Who will protect us from all these? Who is protecting us now? Our Nation. Our System. Lot of people tried real hard to make it perfect. But you know nothing is perfect as our God. So flaws will be there. We can point it out and make it better.

So on this independence day we should also take independence from our narrow religios thoughts. We should see everyone as human being rather than categorizing them on basis of cast, creed, color, language, region or religion. We know all of them divides us. Only love for humanity unites us. We all took birth. We all will live, here for a short span of time, with a small number of people, in a small region of earth and we will all die. So why would we fight, hurt and kill each other? We can believe in whatever we like and live happy and peacefully. Every religion tells that "You will feel the real happiness only while helping the needy ones". So lets help each other and make our nation more strong and more beautiful.

Jai Hind.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The reason behind your silence [4]

I was heavily drunk yesterday night and have no idea how I got to my bed. But I woke up with this head with full of thoughts about you. Even though I have a bad stomachache and body pain I feel very fresh and happy. Like a sunny day after the rain. I have no idea why you! May be its because I used to write about you while I float.Yes, in past. Long back.

The thoughts was about a phone call. You may not remember it. It was your birthday. I had only one rupee balance as usual. I called and wished you. And you called me back and we talked for an hour. I still remember it. The place, the words. Everything. It was a lovely night. I was sitting in the balcony of BTM room. In that red chair with my legs on the iron grill. Watching the white clouds drifting in the sky, though the branches of the tree which spreads over the house roof and talking to you. I can still feel the cold breeze of that day. Its like I'd bottled that whole night and drinking it now. Once Anais Nin told that, "Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born". In those days I lived in a world created by you. By you and only with you. And when you were gone I bottled that whole world and kept it in my memories. I used to visit that world often. When I missed you. But not recently. That's why it is surprising. The morning thoughts about you.

Those where colorful days. You know. A boy is hopeless when he has no girl to think about when he goes to sleep and when he wakes up. To think about, to worry about and to miss and lastly to hope. Do you remember our chats and phone calls. We talked like kids. We used to discuss everything under the sun. Your silly tensions, my crazy ideas everything. The books we read, the movies we watch, the music we listen to, lyrics everything. Nowadays when I read a new book or watch a nice movie I get this quick feeling to share it with you. And when I find that you are not there anymore I feel that vacuum which cant be filled and to be missed forever. I still talk to you when I'm alone. About these things. Don't my words echo in your ears?

I told you. We were like kids. The face which appears when I think about you is still that little girl who stands on the window grill singing ABCD. And I always felt like a small boy who walks with you holding those little fingers and talking those big things we don't understand.

I'm still wondering why you came to my thoughts today morning. But I feel very happy now. because you happy face makes me forget a lot of things.

I know what you want to tell me now. Grow up. right? Please don't. Yeah some people never grow up the way you do. Or you may say everyone should grow up their own way. Understanding the limitations, duties, life and all. But I don't understand it. May be I don't know how to or I don't want to. I have read somewhere that we never grow up. We just learn to act matured. I even failed in learning to act.

I miss you.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

You name it [5]

Loyalty, Perfection,
Dedication, Passion,
Marriage, Cheating,
Lies, Death,
Deadlines, Freedom,

How sweet each our meetings are.
There is sweetness, even, in those waiting. Long ones.
The warmth of the first glance of  you after the long wait.
The flow of happyness from eyes to lips
and then to the hands and the sudden hug.
And that pause just before the endless words.
And the fire of the first touch.
And the memories you give.
And lastly the hope.

Another train Journey [4]

It started with the Chicken curry my roommate made. It was nonstop then. At first we tried local remedies like lemon tea, buttermilk etc. They couldn't help much. At last I decided to consult a doctor.

The day started from the toilet. While walking to the room I hit my head on one pointed edge of the kitchen door and fell down. For a few minutes I couldn't understand what was happening. I ran my fingers on my scalp. Thank God. No blood. I got up and headed for the doctor.

It was a normal Bangalore morning. Girls in light leggings walked to offices with laptop bags bumping on their bums. The dog uncle who stays opposite to our room took the meter reading (He does it daily. Only he and his wife live there. I don't even think the meter rotates) and fed the dogs with tiger biscuits. I walked 1km to the left, 2 km to the right and finally got back to the room to see the clinic just opposite to our room.

The registration and consultation fee was very high. Still I thought its ok if it is a lady doctor. On the contrary it was an old man. He gave me a few stopper tablets and some good advice regarding the food.

It was just the beginning of the problems. I spend most of the day in bed and woke up in evening to catch train to home. At that time the stomach had come to peace. Renjith dropped me near forum bus stop and I boarded the bus to SBC railway station. Roomie called me while I was in bus, with 4 people on conference and made my day.

The girl who sat next to me in bus was a very beautiful one. Still I couldn't notice her much because of the phone call. But when we reached Majestic I confirmed it with her. She said the stop is Majestic in a real sweet voice. I always do it :P even if  I'm 100% sure. when some pretty girls are near :). Oh come on dear. Even she wanted me to ask her something.

I walked to the station from the bus stand. A lot of prostitutes were there. I never saw this many in Majestic. It was as if they can't do it from the next day onwards. But there was something different. Usually these girls disturb the passengers, with rude words and showing those deep cleavages to the face. But today they weren't doing it. They were dressed in salwars and sari's. And there was an inviting shyness on their faces. I scanned all of their faces in a single glance. All looked poor and sad. None of them had an average beauty. Yeah if they had, then there will be agents to hire them. I kept walking. Then my eyes met her. I'd never seen a women dressed beautifully as her. It was a rose colored sari and the street light which shown above her seems to have showering flowers on her. She was fair. She had this long silky hair. And the pose she had had an elegance which is not common in them. She had this discipline which cannot be seen in any of the women I'd met in my classrooms.

I had to take the turn just before her to the railway station. so couldn't see her face properly. Hopefully/fortunately/unfortunately, she might have met somebody and received an earning. It is sad that people have to sell themselves to make a living. But at least they don't sleep with husband's neighbor. May be they know much more about life. Somebody told me only they sell happiness to others.

I reached the station and the stomach had started giving the symptoms. Even the stoppers couldn't stop it. I had to eat something because I had medicine's to take. Doctor had told me to avoid oily food. I asked the shop guy for some food which has less oil. Luckily the shop owner was a keralate and he lead me to the railway emergency medical center and gave me one more stopper tablet. There are still kind people on earth.

I checked the PNR status and found mine is in RAC. I even check with whom I have to share the berth. It was a 50 year old man. Of course I expected a 18year old girl :P Well I really don't mind if it is any pretty lady below 30.

I boarded the train and went to my berth s10,39. There was nobody there. I thought nobody will come. I started thinking about train journeys. I always loved them. I even love railway stations. Because there a lot of life happening out there. I remember a man who talked about his mother who was about to die. He had to return to Bangalore. So he lied to mother and he felt sad about it. And a 100 other people I'd listened to. And I love the railway tracks too. Each turns in them reminds me of the choices we make in life. You know, its always the choices we make which counts. Not what we are capable of or not. I was lost in these thoughts and this guy appeared. With a ticket marked RAC s10,39. He asked me to give the seat to him as the whole berth is his only. I explained him that the seat is rac and we two have to share it. He was a little drunk and made a scene there. Telling the whole seat is his and all. He was a keralate too. Hearing this loud voices other people in the compartment came to us. There were a lot of keralates and they understood the thing. This time the drunk man tried to get my ticket forcefully. Other people told me not to give the ticket and tell the matter to TTR. The drunk man kept shouting. The TTR came and told him that the berth is for both of us and we have to share it. Then he shut his mouth.

When the TTR left for checking the other tickets he started again. I went to TTR and told this. TTR came and scolded the drunk man. And told me he will call the railway police if drunk man create any further disturbances.

I thanked him and thanked all the fellow passengers who helped me and started sleeping. After sometime I nearly fell to the floor and slept there. I woke up sensing the touch of a wooden stick. It was a police. They couldn't walk because of me. A Vanitha police was with them. Some women are always kind. They will tell us lovely words. Always cook tasty food for us. They will be always there for us. She was one of them. A kind one. She found me a vacant berth and told me to sleep there.

There was light when I opened my eyes. Fellow passengers smiled at me with sympathy. Train stopped at a station and some girls entered our compartment. Some of them sat to my right and others to my left. Upto trichur station I travelled as a teenage girls sandwich. Lucky me. Yeah. In next post I'll tell you how me and Vivek met Vrinda Shameek the TV anchor :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Hi all,

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year. :)

With Love,
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