Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bitch [2]

Reposting this after years. I just love this. There is no hate in this.

It was a dark rainy night.
I was falling from the sky,
I could see the dark wet earth from the sky in the lightning.
I was bleeding. My heart was missing.

Now I can see her
Standing in the rain.
In her black jacket with hood.

In her left hand was my beating heart.
In the right, a shining knife.
She looked at me with her fiery eyes.
I could see her lips starting to make a gesture of happiness.

Before I could open my mouth.
She cut my heart with the knife into pieces.
Yelling "Waste"!!!

That was the end.
I never saw her again. Neither she saw me.
We didn't exist in each others world after that.


Be nice ;) Thats all.

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