Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Disturb.. Disturb

I haven't read anything recently. This thought was disturbing in mind that "What are you doing?  You haven't read anything for a while!"

Then I decided to buy a book. Like any Sunday the lonely me decided to watch a movie in theater. I chose "The Intern" and went three hours before the movie to the theater thinking that will go to the Landmark and check some books.

Before that I randomly checked some sites about good books and noted down this book by Murakami.

It was all planned by someone. I went there and this boy in the Landmark was waiting for me. I said the book's name and he searched in the portal. It wasn't there. But he was sure the book was there and we went to search and within a minute he is back with the book! Wow!

It was costly but I bought it and went to PVR and picked up my ticket from the kiosk. I sat on the staircase and started reading it.

2pages.. 5pages.. 10pages.. 20pages.. 30pages...  Movie time!

I ran to the theater entrance and they asked me to wait for 20minutes outside.

As there were no chairs, I stand there, leaning to the wall and resumed reading. As I liked the book, I was not aware of what is happening around me. Then this happened!

A ~20y'old lady came and tapped on the book twice and said "Disturb.. Disturb" and walked away smiling.

I was like! I always expected this. I always expected something from the strangers. I always wished if someone put color on me on Holi. And I always knew someone will do this, when I am reading.

The sad thing is that, I just smiled back and resumed reading! What the heck! I dont even remember her face! WHY?!

For the girl who tapped on my book;

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Your absence

Your absence creates a void in my life,
I sit and worry about you.
The things that could happen to you fear me.

Suddenly there is a strong feeling,
to have you in my arms right now, right here,
Holding you to my chest and kissing you on your forehead.

But the silence makes it worse.
I'm afraid of the void becoming permanent,
And us forgotten in that void.

Stay close to me.
Where I can see you and hear you.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Be Brave

Do you remember the time when you discovered fear?

Do you remember when did you face it for the first time

Even though you knew you were doing the right thing?

When did you surrender your life because of fears?

Do you often beat it and march towards the glory?

And when did you find fear in loving someone or something!

When can we all overcome our fear and hug the love of our life?

Be brave and stick to your heart?

Be patient and let time make the path?

Be courageous and prepare to face the worse?

Be happy that tomorrow will be ours.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I sat, on the same bed we used to sit.
After a long time I looked at myself.
And I felt Pathetic.

The pain you caused was trying to escape,
through burning tobacco rolls between my lips.

Lower part of my chest was still bleeding
as you stabbed me with your sarcastic laughs.
I tried to sooth it with a cup of alcohol.

My legs still numb,
and refused to stand properly.
They have been working so hard to prepare us to run.

My eyes, they have been unwilling to see things clearly,
Some said its because I stay under the mobile towers.
Who knows, may be they don't like anything clear anymore. 

Those were little fears.
my fingers refused to write and memories refused to die,
Those were the things I was afraid of..

And someone just told.
Most of the wounds will heal by time.
But some will remain as half healed scars.
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