Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I sat, on the same bed we used to sit.
After a long time I looked at myself.
And I felt Pathetic.

The pain you caused was trying to escape,
through burning tobacco rolls between my lips.

Lower part of my chest was still bleeding
as you stabbed me with your sarcastic laughs.
I tried to sooth it with a cup of alcohol.

My legs still numb,
and refused to stand properly.
They have been working so hard to prepare us to run.

My eyes, they have been unwilling to see things clearly,
Some said its because I stay under the mobile towers.
Who knows, may be they don't like anything clear anymore. 

Those were little fears.
my fingers refused to write and memories refused to die,
Those were the things I was afraid of..

And someone just told.
Most of the wounds will heal by time.
But some will remain as half healed scars.


  1. ..and the day I feared is looming close.
    Fuck the emotions man :)

  2. No new posts?
    What about the Sad Loss of the Mobile?

    *the Roomiee*


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