Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Disturb.. Disturb

I haven't read anything recently. This thought was disturbing in mind that "What are you doing?  You haven't read anything for a while!"

Then I decided to buy a book. Like any Sunday the lonely me decided to watch a movie in theater. I chose "The Intern" and went three hours before the movie to the theater thinking that will go to the Landmark and check some books.

Before that I randomly checked some sites about good books and noted down this book by Murakami.

It was all planned by someone. I went there and this boy in the Landmark was waiting for me. I said the book's name and he searched in the portal. It wasn't there. But he was sure the book was there and we went to search and within a minute he is back with the book! Wow!

It was costly but I bought it and went to PVR and picked up my ticket from the kiosk. I sat on the staircase and started reading it.

2pages.. 5pages.. 10pages.. 20pages.. 30pages...  Movie time!

I ran to the theater entrance and they asked me to wait for 20minutes outside.

As there were no chairs, I stand there, leaning to the wall and resumed reading. As I liked the book, I was not aware of what is happening around me. Then this happened!

A ~20y'old lady came and tapped on the book twice and said "Disturb.. Disturb" and walked away smiling.

I was like! I always expected this. I always expected something from the strangers. I always wished if someone put color on me on Holi. And I always knew someone will do this, when I am reading.

The sad thing is that, I just smiled back and resumed reading! What the heck! I dont even remember her face! WHY?!

For the girl who tapped on my book;


  1. And, i thought these days of social medical, you had better chances of finding a stranger!


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