Wednesday, April 9, 2008

End Of Another Supply Season..

Mmmm... Today was the last exam of 5th sem supplies.Today was TOC. I studied it till 1.30am but the one who set the question paper ruined all my dreams.. It was the toughest one I've ever seen. so no hope.. This season was somewhat better when compared to the other seasons. Bcoz out of 4exams i wrote there is a chance of 3 to pass. good naa..The funny thing is that only we guys (from Donz) are having supplies. The one next to me is Mr.Shaman(haha)..[Do you Know: My number is 67 ans his num is 82!!] where is those guys from 68 to 81!!.. So for some days i can live as tension free though one huge thing to tense is coming.. I've heard stories of making 19 or 16 in one chance.. Is that true? how can they? even without sessionals.. Must be some trick in it..There is no news of 6th and 4th sem supplies from u-city. I dont think even God have any idea about it. Heard that ucity is gonna change the chances to one per year. Why couldnt they make it to one per four years(only one last exam) AS AFILAJ TOLD TO HIS MOM!! Hmm..i saw him today he was there in my exam hall. He was trying to copy from the guy sitting nearby.. Didn't he know HE WAS FROM EC!! Sorry dude.. Shaman bought 3 additional sheets! No idea with what he filled all those sheets.. Any way hope all guys from Donz will be there on next chance.. Ranjith i miss u these K friends see you after next chance..


  1. nice one bro..n keep bloggin..n hav fun man...

  2. Well said buddy..its all comin to an end..just remember..its the fun filled days tat r gettin over..not the friendship..keep postin...have fun :-) oh n vikas is really bugged u didn't mentiion him in ur post..

  3. huh u guys keep noticin me during xamz....

  4. To shaman:
    I know dude.. but still thought of missing you guys is very saddening..
    to Afilaj:
    You are very handsome na. Nobody couldn't notice you>> hihi.. thanks buddy. visit often..


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