Sunday, April 6, 2008

My college Dayz

Well, its gonna be end. Four years went as four days. Now i feel mixed feelings.. Thinking about whether it was good or bad or OK.. I'm getting mixed answers and feelings.. One thing is sure I'm gonna miss it. I got a full hand of good friends n cant even think about missing them. But in that I've nothing to worry because whom i got from my college will never leave me in this life..May be, we'll leave the college. Thats all.
Starting with 1n2, i was in Painkanur hostel. My roomie was Deepak. We had a good time there. Playing football, going to ladies hostels nearby, doing crazy things.. ooh it was us who celebrated Xmas first time there in painkannur! I still remember those natives looking at the big star with open mouths. Of course full credit of star goes to Mr Jose.The main bad boys was those who stayed in 2nd floor. It includes Vipin(ooh this guy was just opposite to my room..tell ya later his stories), Shijin, shaman(though he was a good one "that" time, he was our inspiration in all "things"), Noufal, Anseed(mm.. good singer but most time kinda disturbance haha), Dasan, Afilaj(mm.. this guys the directory of MES!!) ,sheen, saj...
Another funny day there i remember is, the April fool day.. I'm smiling even i typing this. Our plan was to make the wardens fools. But i didnt work out that way. We tapped on their doors n ran way. Unfortunately teachers got scared n they thought us as thieves!!.. Then inquiry, sainulabudheen etc.. Thank God i was not in that . But i really missed it.
Being a football addict, me and all used to go to play at Abudabi ground, it was superb. I couldn't get words to describe it.. Wooo there comes our Beegu(rohit) who play well but cant run bcoz of his body.. he is a very nice guy..everyone love him. me too.. ooh i miss those days.. We all used to get up with alarms at 5.30am.. even exam days we don use it.
Then girls!girls!girls.. There was two girls hostel was near our hostel with cute beauties..mmmm... We often visited the temples nearby it. lot to write but let us take a short cut to 3rd n 4th sems..
Well all my buddies left hostel n rented a house, FREAKZ it was their 1st one.My dad didn't allow me to go..But most of time i was there.. Then we hostelguys shifted to Misna.. Memories of Misna is too about football, Vivek, Arjun, Vineeth, Beegu,.. its was all good in that late football plays mixed with cow**** and rain.. we really enjoyed it. Then nothing more in Misna except some girls on phone.. oh my God i missed our tour.. s3 tour was adipoli.. its we FREAKZ organized it with SATANZ (oh some of them are really SAITANS.. Shine, Ranjith i mdidnt mean u!!)). Wagman,Munnar 3 days.. may be those were the happiest days in my college days..
Then 5th sem me n others in Misna shifted to MH.. i love it.. In all places i stayed there i like MH the most. Playing football, basket ball, Tv all funn there,.. After i shifted to MH i spend most time in DONZ(they left freekz... All shifting had an shijin effect!). Well 3rd and 4th sem went gloomy as the expected results came.. supplies retest :( mmm,...
In the 5th sem again the tour. Tour without our mamu(sorry, vipin.we used to call him MAAMU). That ****HOD caught him in front of strike n then suspension. It was the 1st suspension from our class(later it became common!).. well the tour was boring.. Its the darkest days of my college days..
In 6th sem only i remember now is mini project. i still dont know how we made it. I'm really thankful to my project mates. It was this time that bloody rediffbol thing happened. Only thing i got to say about it is IT WASNT ME. mm,.. Aaauh its that time i got beaten up. Bad politics or what else i should call it. but i already left thinking about it. mmm.. i got to leave that hostel.. missing my roomies was most difficult. hoo.. next is 7th and 8th sems lot to write about it. I'll post it later...

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