Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Friends.. I Love them all...

Well, if you ask who are my friends.. I may say nothing. Its doesn't mean i don't have any.. i may be thinking who is not.. There s a lot of them.. I'll give a brief intro about some of them. [NOTE:If your name doesn't discussed here don't be angry it doesn't mean you are not one of them, may be this space is very less to describe you :)] Lets start with Donz, My classmates.. my everything.. Hmm Donz is Shine, Rida, Swaroop, Shaman, Vikas, Rameez, Ranjith, Vipin and Shijin.. Dudes so many funny moments we shared, so many fights we won, so many sessionals we lost, but the love we share hope wont cease..

Shine: I think i don't have to write anything about this guy. Celebrity of MES. u-city player.. etc etc but aalu pottan aanu. An RSS freak too(haha).But i love him.. He is a good one..

Rida: A silent killer. For outsiders of our class he is a silent guy who won't bite even if u put your finger in his mouth. If you ask his name you'll get R . I . D . A with a low voice I'm sure you will ask again. Now he is doing his masters in "chalies". Everybody love him. That love will increase when vacations comes. Because he will bring snikkers when he come back. Girls in class enjoys teasing him.. but i know he is enjoying it all. mmm... He was always helping, especially with his portable(hehe).. But in Donz he is horrible. He find himself enjoying while kicking others butts, saying those bloody chalies, irritating Swaroop and Ranjith..But we love it.. i'll surely miss you man.

Swaroop: He loves calling him roopa. That nesi started calling it. But we used to call him "other" words. He is a core part of Donz. Only one having bike in Donz is HIM. Behind every tour ideas one can find his part. In every parties too!..Famous for his fights with others in donz(lovely fights na.. i'm sure we gonna laugh remembering all those). Donz just cant imagine anything without this one.

Shaman: Here comes my buddy. He is the coolest one in earth. Always smiling. He will be there in any crazy things or crazy things starts with him. Only one thing i got to say about him. If u meet him, u gonna love him.

Vikas: well My project mate. ll time buddy. Was with me in all needs.Mettalica fan. Nice one to hang out. I'll tell more about this one when i write about my project mates.. lots to say k.

Rameez: Hmmm.. Most talented one in donz. Addicted to songs, music and good in maths. Plays Keyboard and other instruments. First time when u see him, u'll ask this yourself "Whats this guy doing, has he lost his mind" but you will get the answer soon. Ramy should i write the last drama you played?hihi..

Ranjith:haha.. here comes our pettoos. He is our Rajavu. One and only "full" pass in donz [you didn't get why i put full in quotes?.. he is very related to that word!].. If everybody began doing bad things from donz he must be behind it.. But got placed in TCS. A little bit selfish(hahaha); no guys only with his pillow and bed.. I'll tell later about his love stories..

Shijin: All problems starts with this one or he creates all problems. He's our "Puttu". Director of future.. Spends more time on cine books more than study materials. He was the main one behind the April fool program and because of his foolishness we caught red handed. I'm not saying how many girls he proposed.. Nice guy to spend time with.. shijin how can i say all about you here in this little blog>>..

Vipin: I'll tell about this guy later.. i wrote about him many times..but those are not satisfying.. Big one na..

Well friends.. tired. I'll post later about outsiders of Donz.. Have fun.. Take care.. Hey buddies If you found anything else comment it.. U can write anything even if u disagree with me.. Or "you" don't think "you" are not as i wrote :P


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  2. You know wat i just noticed? ..u've got great writing skills..u described all of us..or atleast some of us.. in great detail using very few words..i guess its time the readers got a description of u as well..i'll b posting a chapter about u watch out..:-) PS: the bit abt Rida n Ranjith were awesome..but a bit life threatening don't u think..wait till u see them next time.:-)

  3. i hate u 4 2 reasons

    1)u did nt consider me as ur frnd. its okay when i saw the note in it, i a can understand u cant describe me in this small blog.
    i know i m sooooooo big to describe ha ha ha

    2) it was so mean not to mention my name when u describe RIDA.i m the one who tease RIDA the most......hmm
    (anyway thnaks 4 ur information that he too njoys our teasing mission )

  4. To magna
    Thanks for your comment. What you said is right. I cannot describe you in this small blog. I didn't mention any girls name in this blog.. To be frank pedi aanu.. Also everybody know who is teasing Rida.. I hope he will be posting a reply here for you.. Thank you :)


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