Thursday, May 8, 2008

Itsss oooveeer..

Well, I'm fine. I 'm a bit happy too. All days i try to keep me happy but today I've got something to feel more happy.. Today was our project presentation. And its over. It was good, OK or great. I didn't expect this kinda end to our project. Even the output was working fine today. First of all i would like to thank Ragesh sir. Without him we'll 've to join with the coming batch in next season. So many times year out came in my dreams. well, it starts with lots and lots of problems.

We had to get online help for this project. For a broadband connection it took 1 year to get(only i know how i made it in this small time. I was a frequent visitor of exchange that time). When i got net, the other problem starts. My nose problem. Two operations haa.. it was already late to start. Tension increased. There was heavy bleeding from my nose because of it..Two times. 1st time i soothed my parents with "Its OK. I'm fine" But 2nd time i really scared.. I really thought its over.

Then we, sorry i forgot to introduce our team. its me Vikas, vivek and Rathnam. great team. Full of talented, brilliant, intelligent.. We started thinking of year out. Then we asked help of Raghesh sir. It was him who inspire us to "continue" the project. He promised his help.. Daily in IT lab.. at the starting nothing worked out. then slowly some miracles. Thats it. somehow we managed to show the demo.

Its necessary to thank my teammates. I was more worried about them(not about me), because they may scold me if this may end up in a utter failure. They told me a thousand times to get it done from somewhere else. Rathnam was most Irritating(But if we are anywhere now or if we showed anything today, its only because her irritating nature). Nobody blamed me when i was ill. Nobody slapped me when we were down. Thanks buddies.

Uma miss was our guide. because our project was in Linux and the topic is strange nobody has an idea about it. But miss tried to help us. Even when we told her its impossible to complete, at least she didn't get angry. We were really scared about the presentation. What to say, What to show, What may ask etc etc.. But it all worked nicely. Thank God. I don't know What to type.. because I'm still in... End to all sleepless nights. At least i can sleep today without tension..

Well, now all what in my mind is our tour De Goa. Hope i will get permission. I really want to go.. Aaa..


  1. Congrats dude :-)

    Now letz njoy GoA...GoA...GoA :-)

  2. at last we did it.. am giving full credit to u my dear friend.. Coz still i dont know how to clearly pronounce our topic:-).. And I will always remember the days... three boys and a girl... With head full of tension and that "burning effect"...:-) everything over in juz 45 mnts... and last big relief... cheers buddies... now time is 3am and am alone in donz... others are still preparing for their final mnts.. guys spend their two full nights for it.. (still they are at edappal).. well am counting seconds for the day 2 come..the day that everybdy waiting for...


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