Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Last Day

At last it all came to an end. 30th April was the last regular working day of our life. It was like all other special days. Donz had planz for rocking it. Till noon we were in class. Verifying records, setting up project reports and posing for pics. That time the other class were celebrating in seminar hall.. poor guys.

Our plan was to enjoy to the maximum. We'd arranged a hotel Dreamland near kuttipuram. Its a small beautiful place associated with a nursery. We had sound systems there, music, food , fun etc.

An outside view

We reached there about 1.30. Shaheez started with mike[my hearty congrats to him for organizing such a wonderful party]. Followed by Sangeetha's song, sukesh's comedy show. Then comes Prajeesh's items. He made the whole crowd laugh. He imitated Sajif, Nujoom, shine etc. Rameez also did some imitations of Shamzeer, film actors etc. Then came our Ramu and ... Mike was out of reach for others for the next half an hour.

Shaheez some jokes going on

[Then the food.. sorry i don't have pics of food if anybody have sent me, mail me also these pics. Sound system, Front of hotel, i mean entry. Food,Muhammad singing, prjeesh showing sajif etc all good pics. try to sent those who don't have girls in it.]

Hungry Nujoom.. Added With Rania's special request

After food the entertainment continues.. Muhammad sung a Hindi song. We have an year out student in our class. Sajna.. That ****Santhosh Mathew did it. But we are happy that she is with us. We asked her the difference b/w the old batch and our class. Her reply was this.

"Unity is the power of your class And you guyz gave me all i got in 4 years with previous batch, in just 6 months." That explains everything.

Well, she is a late comer. And she has no idea about our "unity". But now i think its somewhat united. Thanks for S6 mech guys and Rameez (as Sham said). But I've a few words for those who said the 160rs(for fuction) is high and we are collecting it for drinking. We drink almost every week, and not by your money. we don't need your money to..

BOW.. Leave it. For tea we had coffee and cutlets. After sometime Sajna's hus came. They bought chocolates. Thanks for chocos. The boy who brought it to us almost fell down by our "attacks".

Final blasts

Mmm. It got to an end with a blast. some cable TV operators came there to take videos. we Sung, Danced.. At that time somebody started Mohanlal Mammooty fight. Cheers to Laletten. last it came to an end. Chicks had to go home and hostel. All left. It was a perfect happy ending with broken hearts.

But keep in mind these words of Shaman. "its the fun filled days tat r gettin over..not the friendship.."


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  2. hi.. Randeep i was waiting 4 u to update this... its gr8..really shahees has worked a lot 4 it.thankz to him..n it became a success..v must have 1 more in a similar way..
    try to include more pics...

  3. well, I've lots of pics. but the problem is in all those good ones girls is there. So cant upload it. Ya Shahees, Aseem and all really worked for it. Thanks to them. I'm not getting full mood to work on this these days. Project tension. After it we can upload more things and got many plans.. If you 've any good pics. send me.. Tell all girls to bring their pics. Thank you.. keep visiting.

  4. The last day was..Loads of Fun..
    I had a blast the whole afternoon..but the end...when everyone gathered for a group photo n we started singing together...something happened...

    I always considered myself to be strong...emotionally that is...its not easy to get any sort of emotions from me..i've always bin that sister always says that i have the emotional capability of a 'Table Spoon' :-)

    But that was impossible not to feel sad..deep down i started thinking.." there's no way i'm gonna get to see all these people together again "..atleast some of them...But not all of them...they are truly my... 'Friends For Life...Hope our paths cross again someday...

    I don't care a rats ass whether i get my degree or not...I'm gonna leave this place with a truck load of memories...n i guess.. in the end..
    thats all that matters...

  5. To Shaman
    You really want to make me cry...Mmmmm.. We are not going anywhere.. next supply season starts on may 15th.. :) But buddy i disagree with your sister.. friendship is your weakness..


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