Saturday, May 17, 2008

The starting.. 9-05-08

Our train, The Netravati Express was scheduled to be at 5:20pm. We left Donz at 5:10pm[early na].Well, it was the starting of problems. It started with my mobile. I lost it when i went upstairs with Vipin. Only after we left, vipin told me he doubts its there. Then i called my roomie, Nibul to check it. He went and called me telling its there in neighbor house n i can get it when i get back.[Thanks Nibul, and Vikas[u are such a lovely friend man] for help me searching it]..

To Railway station: from Donz

And the train arrived at sharp 5:20pm. Ranjith was in Misna for buying "something", Sajif lost his touch screen's touch pen and he was on his way to find it[He got it]. And the train was crowded as supply exams. We didn't get reservations as we are in waiting list of 400s. Somehow we made it in sleeper coach with general tickets. Train left and we thought we missed Ranjith and Sajif. Only minutes later we found they are in. Sreekanth couldn't make it. Train left before he reached kuttipuram [we missed u buddy]. We missed Nujoom, Ramachandran and others too.

This is how we went! Its taken when we are in kasarkode

So we nineteen. Me, Vipin, Vikas, Shine, Rameez, Shaman, Rida, Ranjith, Swaroop, Sajif, Sham, Fenil, Suresh, Aslum, Rriyas, Riju, Shaheez, Prajeesh and Sanath.. in train.There were so many people like us, in the sleeper coach. TTR came 2 times and told us to get out of it in the next station. In calicut we made it to General coach but still we got seats only after Kasarcode [Thats after 6hours]. We were supposed to reach Madgoan [the final destination] at 6:30am.

Tightly packed

Me, Sajif N Ranjith didn't sleep while others made it comfortable on floor, Bathroom etc..

We Transformed bathroom to Chatroom


Be nice ;) Thats all.

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