Friday, June 13, 2008

Examz and photostatz

Apologies for no updates, i've been busy with my exams. Two out of five theory papers are over. Were good. I'm feeling very happy because i’m at least studying now. I'd taken photostats of all books. It s a big story. I had no text books with me so i decided to take photostats from tcr so that i can make it with a reduced cost. So the others too (Vipin, Swaroop, Rida, Vikas and Shaman) gave me the order for them. I collected the text books from Jeffy and Rathnam and off to tcr and gave the books for photostat. They told me to come next day to collect the books. The next day again to tcr.

Here starts the problems. I'd no big bags to bring the books. So i took Nibul’s Bag. I got out of bus at Vadakke stand at tcr but forgot to take the bag. Nibul's bag!! Ayyo! I took next bus to sakthan stand. And when i get there, there was no such bus. Fortunately I'd the bus ticket with me. I asked many people about that bus. But no Raksha. last a bus driver in one workshop helped me. He told me the bus will be there in a petrol pump in one place (i forgot the name). I took an auto n went there. The bus was there.. n i got in.. yes there was.. the bag. Hoo.. Then i went to photostat shop n collected the books (Nibul helped me alot in all this. But no thanks for u buddy :)). Anyway the photostats were worthy for the last two n hope they'll help the rest too..

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