Saturday, September 13, 2008

A bad day

I was shaken, beaten and smashed away by the lost of manutd by 2-1. I changed the channel not to see Gerrard dancing [even I like him very much]. Then the flash news in Indiavision.. Blasts in Delhi. Oh My God.. Another serial blasts.. Say NO to this SIMI and Indian Mujaheddin. I changed channel to NDTV. 5 Blasts. 9 feared dead. Numbers may increase. Many injured. I don't know what I felt then. **** this government. What are they doing? They failed in Ahmadabad, then Bangalore and now in Delhi. What the **** they are doing? They failed in Orissa. Poor Christians dying there. They failed to maintain peace in Kashmir. The goddamn BJPs are also destroying Kashmir. Inflation is above 12 for the last few months. Did they do anything???? What the... They were busy with selling India. They wanted that goddamn deal to be done. Now come to the point. The SIMI. They are doing wrong [Is this Jihad?]. In this holy month. They doing it for creating communal violence [Whoever do it].

Fuck this religion thing. I've many Muslim friends and they told me there s no such killing Jihad in Qur'an. I've many Hindu friends they don't want to hurt any Muslims. But there r many who think all Muslims are in danger and God Ram is in danger!! Fuck them too. We can do many things. Tell our friends n make them clear there s no such problems. Hindus n Muslims are brothers. We wont give a damn for their political gains. India needs some politicians who love this country and humans more than their wrong, blind agendas.

Back to the blasts. Many died. Number reached 20 now. Blood is everywhere. Total panic.One thing I noticed Sikh people giving water to wounded and feared people. Not ran away with their life. Good work. I am proud of those Indians.

U know the ones who suffer most because of this terrorists? Our innocent Muslim friends. IT Companys are now reluctant to have Muslim employees in their company. They see co-workers as terrorists. This s horrible. Isn't it?

Hey life s short. We are not here to fight and kill each other. Lets live our life and make a world of love and peace. Jai Hind

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