Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back to Donz

When I woke up[4th oct] Vipin was there. He had OS. Everybody was studying. All left for the exam then. Most of them got back asap. We had food. Afternoon was bad with settling some money dealings. Vipin went home. In the evening all decided to study. BEE. All needed N N Bhargava. Only one with them. I told them we can go to pinga. May be Nibul has it. So we went there. Got Nibul's from Sooraj. We needed one more to have one for each. So we went to Jinga. Got nothing from there. That time we decided to go to Donz n check whether any books left there. All had doubt that there was a Bhargava.

The holy route to Donz. Beautiful na. But its horrible in night..

Omg. All changed. Muthalali painted the house. Fitted new Grill. Land was cleaned. It looked nice.

Some months before we used to stand like this in every evening..

Hey look at the grills. If we had this protection before!!

We wandered here and there. We went near to well.. Ooow. No it was there we played Golf :(

The dark area was our study room.. sometimes enjoyment room too...

We went to upstairs. Everything is cleaned.

We couldn't find the bench we used to sit..

Alas.. we found something.. Ya two caps of :D :D

Vikas went near to water tank.

Muthalali fixed the pipe to the tank which we used to fit each time it came out.

The land just below donz was a kinda forest. But now its changed.

Somebody is starting a farm there.

We saw Vinu's mom, our neighbor. Had a little talk. We found no books there. We went back..

Hows this pic? Cool na.. Its the tree in front of donz.. Looks sad without us na :D

It was very heart feeling.. On the way back everybody talked about the funny moments we had there. We got back to room. I wanted Thulsi's TOC books. Pallavi's dad died, so all went there. I got it day after it and returned home..


  1. This is not the ReaL donz....

    There is no "donz" there without ny of us.. no other mates can make it Donz as we made....

    but the new look is great na.. it looks as usual nw.but if the old pic is also posted ??? u'll say OOPS n hw come donz b lik that....

    Miss those old great days :(

  2. Nostalgic.. u present it wel...


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