Friday, October 31, 2008

Lost love

My skin feels like orange peel
My eyes have been vacuum-sealed
My organs move like a squirm of eels
We should be more adventurous with our meals
They annoy me those who employ me
They could destroy me
They should enjoy me
[The servant-cells-Sin city]

It was Rohith made me search this song. It made my memories go back four years. In first year we used to hear this song from afilaj's player. In those rainy days. Rain made my thoughts flew again. I love the wet roads after rain. Shining black roads. The heavy vehicles and the sound they made when they go on wet roads. George liked that sound. The college bus to n from college. I used to sit in same seat everyday. He suggested a couple of good songs. I was hearing those all day. Dbms, Cn, Cd all were rolling above head. But I didn't mind.

Swaroop got job in Bangalore. Shaheez too there. Shaheez is doing CCNA I think. So most of us got jobs. hope rest of us will get it soon. I was chatting all time. Happy news's, fun, sorrows! All losing their girls. Don't fall in love with a Muslim girl without any Job or good foundation. If u did, by the time u get a job she must 've married someone n expecting second baby. But their sorrows sounded like..

U taught me whats Love.
U taught me whats Loving is like.
And u also taught me,
The pain that, Love can cause.

There are a lot of guys who lost their Love. My medicine for them is

1.Don't try to forget her.
2.Get engaged yourself in something. Especially with friends.
3.Play some games. Eg football. It will help u to get good sleep.
4.Find another girl immediately.
5.After three or four failures you'll know whats love n how to bear the pain.
6.Keep in mind that,"You will get a girl beautiful than her. And she will love u and care u more than this fake one did. Then your life will be more happier". So don't cry for the lost one.

Hehe. Its hard.. though its not impossible. And sleepless nights. Sleepless night made by this pain is horrible. Its like u are sleeping in a hot room without fan, with lots of mosquitoes and u didn't had ur dinner.

Bye for now friends. See ya after exams.


  1. may god bless all lovers who lost their love Amennnnnnn
    (to find anew one or recover from thier "devdas" stage

  2. hmmm..thts true dont go behind muslim gals...manage two or three @ a a priority is simple wen u get used to...if one failure occurs others will be there to console u..ha ha...but guys v need to focus n our career nw..aftr tht v can begin flirting again he he..Wishin evryone gud luck.....


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