Sunday, November 16, 2008

Crazy Emotionz

Emotions are crazy. Ain't them?

It started with their whispers.
Its always like that.
Starts slowly, steadily
And makes me go mad.
Lots of them.
They all came in black gowns!
And stood in front of me,
As if they gonna sing a song.
Instead they started shouting.

Some scolded me.
Some pulled off my hair.
Some tried to gag me.
Some laughed at me.
Some asked questions.
Which I didn't have any answers.
Some just stood,
Staring into my eyes.

I felt coldness in my veins.
I felt like my heart is gonna stop.
I felt this way before.
So I managed it.
I off the light n sat in a corner.
I wanted to cry.
But her voice echoed in my ears;
"Big boys won't cry".

I noticed one in another corner.
He was staring at me.
But sadness in his eyes.
All went.
I on the light.
He was there, the sad one.
He told me, they all were temporary,
I am the one u missing.. For years..
I told.
I know.. But I am helpless.
Now he is gone.
I opened the window.
And sat in front of it.
Staring to the horizons,
Waiting for the Dawn,
And their next visit..


  1. hmmm....i've got to say...if a single normal person cud feel all those emotions he'd probably explode or something...but this is randeep...the crazy guy wit the 'crazy emotionz'...

    the poem is nice...lots of emotions to relate too...u've used ur word nicely...u seem to b getting the hang of this...stop writing before u end ur over heating ur brain or something...

  2. wow dhee!!..emotions!! ..they come n goes. ...but they always leave somethn behind!!!! .....heyy good work!!!

  3. hats offf.
    i am sorry for making fun of u.i am not the one to be blamed,your potential is beyond my comprehension:):):):):):):)
    and beyond alll normal peoples also hahahahaha oru blog und ennnu vachu aaarum kavi aaakan pookunnillla machu athinnu sargathmakatha veenaamm keetooodaaa psychoooo...........keep on tryin atleast ur typing speed ll increase hehehehe

  4. Creativity unleashed......Nice flow of emotions yaar.

  5. wah!!
    cool one dude....wonderful ideas

    bt on a critical note i wud suggest u 2 wrk on rhyming yo stanzas...nthin wud be left 2 take u 2 task then


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