Thursday, December 11, 2008

Archi Galz

Well this is about students in architecture in my college. They've got another dept. Its a bit far from the main depts. And most of them are girls. They live a strange life. At least to me! I always watch them. of course they are beautiful, still..

They always move as a group
With a small bags and a big roll of sheets
I wonder what s in those sheets

Most of them with colored hair
Looks like covered with dust and dirt
I wonder why still they color it

Always with high heeled shoes
And churidar with sidecuts to the hip line
I wonder they design it themselves

They always talk in english
About their dresses and the colored hair
I wonder why they don't speak of boys

At noon they got bus to hostel
They came in and return by bus
I wonder what kinda creatures they are

For the functions they came with bands and masks
Make sounds with a few boys they got
I wonder what they are trying to prove

All this things they repeat each day
I wonder how they live five years there

Haha what else to do.. gotta kill time na..


  1. hehe
    let those gals read dis..den ur fate would be decided..
    "aar diya jaye ke chod diya jaye"

  2. something that we see everyday... yet ignored by our busy minds.
    described so profoundly... will keep visiting

  3. well observed !!!!
    nice stuff..keep posting bro!!!

  4. hmmm think u r a good dam observor SPY....heheheh keep blogging!!!

  5. lolzzz ... Keeping an eye on those archi galss.. hmmm.. guess so tht u hva crush on one of those gals.. wh made U pen down a post on them :P

  6. @ Neha
    Ya may be. But they dont even know me :)

    @ Neha Tinwalla
    I Love to observe :)

    @ Nazish
    Thank you :)

    I'm not a spy ;) But think I fit for that job :)

    Thank you

  7. legalise vayanotam



Be nice ;) Thats all.

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