Friday, December 26, 2008

New year resolutions!!

My last year resolutions were these

1. I wont hurt anyone with my words or deeds:
Well, I wasn't 100% successful. But improved a 2000%.. And failure was very less...
2. I will be a good listener.
I always was.. Last year I listen to many.. Shared sorrows, happiness, helped to solve problems..
3. I'll apologize for every mistakes I did before:
Well, I apologized for most.. I feel more relaxed..
4. I wont hate anybody. I'll accept the people as they are, and try to love them..
This was the best resolution I've ever made.. Result was fantastic!
5. I'll study..
Well, This may be, was a big failure.. I didn't study much..
6. I'll help others:
Huhh.. I love to help.. No other thing gives such a satisfaction. I tried my best. I feel happy.

This year I'll repeat all the resolutions I discussed above. And I'll try to write more. This year I'll try these too..

1. Freakout alone.. [suggestion by Neha]
2. I'll become more selfish.. [Hey I'm in confusion here.. help me out]
Lal Arun told me "first and last love s self love love".
3. And about commitment? Both self and to others. Here I need your help too..
Disturbing friends after the college and interfering in their future plans? you think you should do it? Compelling them to stay with you??

Well help me.. Its still in process.. I'll update if I finds new ones. Thank you. Have fun. Enjoy.. :D


  1. hmmm....every body makes new year resolution....its a part of new year celebration...

    nice of luck...u will be successful

  2. add these also ...this will definitely help

    *quit drinking
    *quit smoking
    *at least pick up a pen once in a week
    *sleep at least at 4am
    [most imp]
    read "my" blog trice duirng any day :P

  3. Pretty follow-able dude :)

    I get that become more selfish hingie a lot myself..probably u give more importance to others' needs than ur own. so they meant to say that u ought to do a wee lil bit more for urslef too

    Same goes for the commitment to self and others. U probably promise urslef and others a lot and sometimes fail to deliver.

    Anyway, Cheers
    And Happy New year :)

  4. oh btw...just read ur comment rules :P dun want my comment to get deleted. My name's Chris :P

  5. Hey i hope u stick to the resolutions. But i firmly believe that we have to change according to the situations!! i hope you agree

  6. what do i say???i know jst one thing...resolutions are jst namesake....n forgotten on the morning of 1st jan...hehe

  7. Dai... This poat has n realtion with ur dumb resolutions...
    Just ot tell you one thing...
    I found my long lost FIRST BLOG post :)

    Made long back in 2004 Q1 ...LOL... Teenager... Hahaa..

    Dumb me..LOL

  8. loved ur first resolution...i need to tk that up this yr

  9. @Asit
    Thank you :)


    U are right. K. I wont :P

    I'll try my best.

    mm.. In most cases..

    Roomie what u doing here? hehe that was a nice post..

    All the best


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