Monday, December 1, 2008

Thoughts De Young Lady

[Thoughts of a young Lady..]

As the sun goes up,
I feel more lonely.
Its bored as hell/ simply sitting here.

Whats next? I ask myself.
This answer is horrible silence/ always

I've no interest to do anything.
And when I found in some,
I cant hold it/ for any long

I can hear them, they talk about me.
My marriage, they want it done/ so fast
I'm so tensed, How my would be will like?

I feel relaxed when I get, someone to talk.
But I'm so scared of them too.
I don't know whom I cant trust or not,
I feel strange even to me myself.

The ones I kept close to me,
Always gave the pain, in the end.

Everyday I take my player;
And listen to music/ to feel relaxed.
It keeps away my weird thoughts,
And keeps away their talks about me too.
Sometimes they whisper in my ears
That, One day'll come and everything will be fine.

Comment okiz :D


  1. Dont worry young lady,afi is here you are safe he he he ....

  2. Good lines there!

    The ones I kept close to me,
    Always gave the pain, in the end.

    Totally empathize!

  3. sthree hridayngale amana adunavanvanno evan???gals beware he can read ur minds ........

  4. nicely written..!!

    Words well put.. :)



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