Friday, January 16, 2009

Comments and Reactions

Ur blog sucks. U are a loser!
May be or may not be. But I'm not competing with what u are doing. And you Rocks.

Ur writing skill is very bad. I wont be visiting anymore!
Write and prove ur skill, I'll be a follower. And Goodbye. One more thing. Did I ever tell ya that I'm a good writer or like that?

Ur pic looks bad. You trying to tell you r a big thing or what? Who do u think you are!
Sorry. If you dont like my face, I can do nothing about it. By writing a blog and putting pic in it means one is a big thing or like that? If yes, yeh I may be. If u really wanna know who I am, Click the profile link and read my full profile. That might help.

Ur pic is cool and nice blog!
Thank you. :P


  1. deja vu!!! or is this jus a pure co-incidence...i got so many comments like these a few days back

  2. actually, correct me if i'm wrong, but blogging thrives on comments doesn't it?? advisably, if the comment is offensive, assume the person is jealous and if not..Thank You :P

  3. i juz lov readin ur blog.....writin skill and pic is not counted...itz d content tht matters always!!....commentin is good too...kinda motivation v get!!

  4. Content and Presentation ... by the way we usually blog to express ourself, it shouldn't matter what someone else writes ...

  5. awww! this was a purely CANDID post!:) lol
    no wonder kajal gave u an honest blogger award;)


Be nice ;) Thats all.

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