Monday, January 12, 2009

A Homosexual Story

The title is very misleading one. Isn't it? Its post in Noufal's blog made me write about this. Well, This is a true story happened to me a few years back, when I was in +1. I was staying in Thrissur for my studies. I used to go for evening walk everyday. That day I decided to go to Park in the heart of the city. As I was a small one, I didn't have any idea about the outside world. I was walking towards a lonely seat in a corner of the park. Its then this guy[or gay!] appeared. He was tall, dark one. He told me 'angottu pokam'[Lets go there] and showed something with his hands. I was like.. Blah.

He asked me, whether I am studying in St.Thomas College. I was such a fool and told him that, No. I'm studying in Govt.Model Boys. He asked whether I know Raju or Some name like that. I told no. All this time he was telling me. 'lets go somewhere, Nobody will see' and all. I didn't understand anything. But this time my mind started telling me 'Danger, escape'. I walked towards an old man sitting near and sat with him. Wherever I go this man followed me and showed kinda gestures.

I walked towards the other gate of park. When I got near the gate, something inside told me to run. A few seconds later, I found myself breaking all records in running. And I didn't go for evening walks for a long time.

After a few months, one morning all papers came with heading. A homosexual racket arrested in Thrissur. It was a big one. They caught children from St.Thomas, Model boys and other schools. Made them do bad things and took pics. And with that pics they blackmailed children again... I felt a big relax...

I'm sorry if I disappointed you :)


  1. first of all thanks 4 an open post..somewat same thing has happened to me at ksrtc bus stand chengannur one early morning a year ago..this post reminded me that

  2. hehe
    man u missed dat chance of unnatural love making

    seriusly lucky u

  3. @Anirudh

    Yeh this thing happens to most people. lucky u.. or..!

  4. Thank god your sixth sense worked then and you ran away.. Such pervert things are so much prevalent in india and to such a large extent.. We got to know this through your post.. Dont know why people do this to small children..

  5. hum..if really true..then u were really really lucky!

  6. hey yeah i have heard one similar story from a frnd of of mine.
    Then i got to know that..even boys can be harassed.

  7. @Riya
    ya this thing happens everywhere. Its really sad when its to children.

    @Fighter jet
    ya was lucky :)

    boy or girl, it doesn't matter to them. :( they r mad.

  8. Each and every one of us almost have a similar kind of experience in life ... you should thank your stars .. :)

  9. lolzz... unnatural love ha ha :P
    :) great bolt :P


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