Thursday, February 19, 2009

Company with the Horizon

This pic was taken at Chettuwa beach. More pics in my orkut profile

I like this pic of mine. My roommie NiBuL took it. I wish I was alone there.. Sea was not calm as u see in the pic.. But something called me from the deep sea.. There was a strong feeling to jump..[me psycho!] I felt the same while looking the electric lines from top of our b'lore house. Shaman was laughing loudly hearing that :P


  1. i think u shud make it a routine to put up everyday on ur blog that u r doin ok...kinda scary wishes u have man

  2. I would have jumped. Swam deep. Struggled for life to come back to the shore, maybe. Yet would have loved it.

    That is called being 'FREE', for me. :)


  3. @Mayz
    No dont tell so ;)...

    @ 'L'
    "L" Dont encourage me.. Only me knows how i overcame that situation.. :)

  4. "There was a strong feeling to jump"..suicide attempt?? somebody call police

  5. @Neha
    Nope.. It was something different.. U ever felt like that?!!!


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