Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Accident!..

I was reading Nehya's post: Define a relationship. Its then I heard that sound. Like some vehcle is skidding. I looked through window and saw nothing. Vikas looked outside and told, "Da its accident. people running". We were in 3rd floor and we rushed to the spot. There he was, a young man in early 20s, covered with blood. Some flesh is missing from his cheeks. Seeing it I took two steps back. Then I saw my friend Charli talking with him. People were fighting! I went near Charli to get him out of it. By the time that guy who got accident asked us "is this bangalore?"

Some people was telling he is ok! leave him! some people told wait till his friends come. One Autorikshaw man came and told if we are going to hospital, call his auto!! We told to him he is a mess and get to hospital soon. We will take him to the hospital. He came with us. Me and charli called an auto. And we are in.

His name is Shankar. From Assam. Working in TCS! We asked him whether the keys with him, of bike, Karizma!. He told yes. But we called Vikas and Rida and asked them to take care of it. He didn remember how it happened, When it happened and where it happened. We reached Spurthy hospital. He is ok now. We asked him to call his friends. He checked his pocket and got his Tata Indicom mob. Its then he told,"I think I got one more mob, yes its N95". We told him t relax, we were sure mob is out of question. There was about 50 people. All kinda. He went with doctor.

5 Minuts later: Door opened and doctor came out. We told him its us who brought him there. He was asking where is his bike, where is his mob. We told bike is fine and we dont have any idea of his mob. Prabhakar[his friend] came and we handovered his Tata mob, Helmet! and bags. Told him what happened, and came back.

Vikas and Rida was standing with bike and vikas' friend Thomas. They were very tired. Its Karizma and very heavy they could hardly lift it. Handle was locked, Clutch was not working. Its Thomas helped them the most. Bike was fine but they didnt get key. No idea about mob too. After sometime Prabhakar and his friends came and took care of the bike.

Some points:

If you meet this kinda incidents in life,
Get him/her to the hospital asap. Tell ur friends to get the keys if there is any and mobile like stuffs.

Call his friends and tell to come fast[while calling make sure its his friends. Not call to his mom or dad and tell he got accident].

To you: Always wear full helmet, not the half covered. He was wearing a half covered and his face was badly injured..

Now its ur turn: What u say?


  1. I jz want to say.. never buy a karizma bike, its better buy m80 or luna.. Its so heavy man.. I felt like my shouldr get dislocated when lifting that thing.. also randeep and charlie did a good job by taking that guy to the hospital.. And plz obey those tips that he gave to us..:-)

  2. It was horrible...!
    Nevertheless I think you are absolutely right and everybody should religiously follow the tips you gave.

  3. first here....nd i liked ur blog...the way of ur writings.....keep it up!
    And abt the incidnt..nowadays people wont care othrs in big cities like chni or blore...its good tht u took tht ppl to hospital..

  4. Nice to know that you guys dint hesitate to act in that scene...

  5. Well, these are very logical things to do..

    helmet is a must when you are on 2 wheleer, but as we all know how many of us tace care of this thing..

    never ever call his/her parents, they panic a lot and that's obvious too..

  6. @ Vikas


    Welcome to my blog.. Thank you for ur comment. Visit often :)



    Thanks for the commments

  7. 1st time here, let me say, u did a gr8 job, coz every doesnt do that in this day to day life...
    U knw ppl really dont care for others....
    cheers 2 u guys :)

  8. first of all: great job for gettin the person med aid...n yeah ure pointers are real useful! i can understand wen u re actually in the heat of the moment...

    n ya: u cudnt c those pics???
    here's the link:

    hava nice day:)

  9. Accidents can get gorry. Nice tips you gave us. If ad ever allows me on a two wheeler I will surely follow those tips.


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