Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I was..

How many times, I acted like a kid to you.
How many times, I felt u as my little cute daughter.

There were days, I'd lived for you.
There were days, You cared me a lot.

May be someday,
I'll sit back and think all these, shyly..
Realizing, We were I was mad about you..


  1. hmm..are you missin someone BADLY..ot just a part of fiction n expression

  2. small n cute
    like a puppy hehe

    u scored the right words"we were"

    never yarrrrrr never v can
    understand a gal's mind

  3. @ Neha
    Its tagged as pure imagination. But sometimes I felt so..

    @ Aneesh
    We can read girl's mind. The thing is u've to read whats behind her silence and no's. Even there will be plans and stories behind those Yes'.

  4. A beautiful one. Your words are so expressive.

    And your reply to Aneesh ....seems you have learnt a lot.

  5. Arrg!!!
    Someone give him some Fking award and ask him to shut the fk up!!

    I proclaim you as
    "The Mahablogger cum Poet cum Story writer cum Watever-u-want-to-be"

    Pls post something Sensible...
    (like ManUTDs Scores or something :) LoL..

  6. @ Bhavya
    Hehe.. We shud learn na.. ;)

    @ Angel
    Thank youu... :)

    @ Nibul

  7. hmmm good one but still somethin gone rong...seems lyk u've been cheating her... u quoted that u felt her as yr littl cute daughter and at the end u were mad bout her ..!!! how?? but no one has commented as the way i thot.. so am i rong?? dunno.. plz help me 'mahablogger'...

  8. @ Mayz
    Thank youuu :)

    @ Muhammed
    U dont have to think like that. Sometimes I felt her as a little kid. Thats it. :)

  9. @ Zeba
    mmmmm.. :)

    @ Rimz
    Hey, welcome to my blog.. Thanks for the comment.. do visit often :)

  10. @ Deepika
    Thank you. Welcome to my blog. :)


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