Sunday, February 28, 2010

White Bubbles

[Film running]

Pictures rolled in front of my eyes
Everything was going fine.
something hit hard on my head.

Ttttaang gg ggg ggg ! !! !!! !!!!
You appeared.

But I felt like I was in past
I could not believe you.

And I couldn't fill the time gap between me and you.
It seemed hollow.

Now you are gone.

In every 5 minutes you appeared.
I could not believe who is real,
You or me.

[Somebody was explaining something]

I felt like I said something.
I was in confusion.
I reached past again.

[People laughing ]

I was in air.
A colorful world.

I've been feeling my eye-lids too heavy
I closed my eyes.
May be I didn't like you, Or I was afraid of you.
I jumped into darkness.
Suddenly all appeared.
Stars and planets all covered with triangles and squares.
In white and blue colors.

I felt my hands and legs very heavy.
They were like airbags covered on bones.
Still heavy.

You appeared and went.
I was on a slab. In air.
I thought I'll fall.

I felt like, you and your friends there,
Looking at me,

Whatever you guys said,
I couldn't agree up on. And then,
Arguments, from both sides.
All got mad. All decided to fight.

Airplanes. Lights in different colors.
Fires from plane wings...

I found myself sleeping.
sometimes I thought I'll never meet you again.

But you kept calling me.
I wanted to come. But I was lost inside the time gap.
You told me to sleep.
But sleep reminded me the word death.

[Mob ringing]

Something hit hard on my head again.
But I couldn't see you
I couldn't see anyone.
Now I know, all were you
and you was me.

[People Laughing]


  1. So you started Smokin Weed again ,eh Roomie?

    All the Best with that!

  2. didnt get this one bro...whoosh!! totally over my head

  3. DoNt DrInK aNd DriVe..

    SmOkE WeEd AnD FLy...

    very well written my frined...all of us can relate to wat u went thru :D

  4. @ Mayz
    :) Now u got it :)

    @ Chocolate Lover
    :) Thank you :) :)

  5. @ Shaman
    :) Than you. I love this advice. I used to read it on our class benches..

    I miss those days. I love you :)

  6. a friend having weed is a friend indeed...
    reveal the I in you and fly higher.


  7. @ Cheerzz
    Hahaha. New def for friendship. podei.. I'm not on weeds :P

  8. Quite interesting. And most definitely you seem 'high'. ;)


  9. i dint understand anything ..were u dreaming ???

  10. Wow! I too understood!

    I want to feel "I" Too!

    Shammu n Vikkuu!
    Me comin there!
    I want to be "I"

  11. Is everything going fine dear??
    tat was too much of thing happening around u...

  12. @ Angel
    Everything fine dear. Thank you. tc :)

  13. good work man

    don't know wt situation made you to wright this wt ever its really a bijji work



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