Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boring Life

Where are those hands, which I used get when I'm down. Where are those sweet soothing words I used to hear when I'm lost. No u cant help it anyway. You had to save me before I fall. You knew I was on the edge. Didn't you. 

Sometimes we found ourself lost, 
somewhere in between life and dreams. 
confused where to go, what to do.. 
still knowing we should move on.. 
I need you then, 
to wake me up from my eternal sleep, 
to hide those tears and put back that old smile, 
and to walk back to those joyful days.. 
I love you all. 

For all of my friends.. 
Yeah life is very boring these days. Without you.


  1. Watch this! tell me!
    Your life is worth living Right?

  2. @ Nibul
    Hehe. From where you go that? its better suicide.

  3. Wts happening around dear?? Its sounds soo sad....! hey u can always talk 2 ur frnds rite :)

  4. @ Angel
    Nothing. It was very boring. Of course I can talk anytime. Its ok now. Thank you. :)

  5. Ya, life is boring with no friends around. They are more precious than any precious metal.

  6. Life without good friends is boring.

  7. very touching dheeez ... missin friends so much uhh !! ...

  8. @ Shas
    Yeah. I totally agree with you. Thanks for commenting. Visit often :) Have fun. tc

  9. @ Chandrika
    True. Thank you. :)

    @ Nesi
    Yeah was missing someone very much :P


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