Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The reason behind his anger

[Music: Mob Ringing]

He : Hello
She: Hai
He : Oh you. I'm busy. Call me later.

[She didn't call up for 2-3 days. He called back]
[Music: Her hello tune]

She : Hmm. Why you were very angry that day? What is your problem?

[He wanted to tell her a story. Story of a boy who was waiting for a call from her. A boy who wakes up thinking she'll call today. At night he'll make reasons and excuses for the call he didn't get and forgives her. The boy who thinks she'll call him tomorrow. All these waiting had made him sad and angry. The more he love her the more angry he became. He was thinking she don't deserve his love. Its that time she called him. Then what else he'll do?]

He : I was busy. I was tired.I'm sorry.

[That time he hated himself more than anything. He know she is not interested talking to him. She never thought of loving him. But something in mind always told him. She needs him.]


  1. you write evrything very beautifully !!... u picturise feelings thru writing.. great !!

  2. @ Nesi
    Yeah.. its like that. Everybody notices beauty of words, beauty of dress, beauty of all physical things.. But not the beauty of mind..

  3. there r ppl who notices beauty of mind okay !!

  4. abt d girls feelings? Girl's doesn't want to be taken for granted or make guy think she's after him....may be that's why she didn't call for days.

  5. @ Tabuso
    May be. who can read a girl's mind :) Thank you for visiting my blog. Have fun.


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