Friday, August 20, 2010

Troubles by a birthday party

What makes me happy and sad at the same time?
Well the answer is "supplies" or in full form "supplementary exams of my"

The reason for sadness is I've to write it again and if I failed I wont get my degree and no good job in near future. The reason for happiness is that I can see all my friends there. So  I love all supply seasons.

Well. The following story happened in such a lovely supply season. The latest one.

As usual I woke up at 10am and was going for breakfast at Sabu's shop. Sadu(fazil) and Shareef was coming back from the shop and told me there is no food or tea. Then I joined with them to another hotel. As we were talking and eating rubber poratta and fish curry one of fazil's friend[I dont know his name. Sadu calls him "Thala"] came and sat with us.

At that time a nice girl passed the shop. Seeing me staring at her fazil asked me.

"What is this pshycho[yeah that's wot they call me.] You were in Bangalore and staring girls like this here in kuttippuram?"

I replied that in Bangalore I was full time with Machines[computers] and hardly see a girl there. [of course. A bit exaggerated]. And we continued talking bla bla. Then some of Thala's friends came to us and started talking with him.

This time one of them was standing near me gave me a puzzled look. After doing some gestures with hand he asked me..
[He talked to me in Malayalam I'll give those sentences both in Malayalam and English. He did his high school somewhere in north India. so his Malayalam was a bit funny.]

He:[Malayalam]iyaal, iyaal... ente computeril.... undallo
He:You.. You are there... In my computer..

I was like..!! Me!! In his computer!!

HE:[Malayalam] athe, ningalude photo ente computeril undu. ente chechiyude birthday party photosil.
He:yeah your photo is there in my computer. You are there in my sister's birthday party photos.

I sighed..hoo.. I got it. But I forgot her name.

Me: What is your sister's name?

He: Sharanya

Me: Her marriage is over?

He: Yes

Me to Sadu: Sharanya is working with Vikas' roommates. They celebrated her birthday in Vikas' flat. They invited me.

HE:[Malayalam] pakshe... Chechi paranjathu.... ningale ariyilla ennu aaanallo....
HE:But my sister told that she doesn't know you.

My eyes started rolling in opposite directions. I couldn't look at fazil. Shareef sat as he didn't understand anything.

HE: Chechi paranjathu..... ningal.. valinju kayari vanna aaro aanennanu.
He: But she told that you were a party crasher!

Fazil covered his face. Shareef laughed. I got it. Its over. I cant help it. They will kill me tonight.

ME: Whhaaatttt.. It was me who arranged all those decorations and cakes. She even talked to me!

I don't remember what happened after that. I don't remember paying the bill and all. Fazil had already started making fun of me. Shareef somehow understand it all and started laughing.

I couldn't do anything. But they could do everything. And they did. Before I reach my room I got call from Nibul.

"Roomie heard u are going to all the parties in Bangalore without invitations. Especially girls. And u also pose for photos?"

After sometime Vipin called.

"Hehe.. hehe... Hehe.. I heard... Birthday party.. hehe"..

Grr... I got mad. But there was no escape. Seeing me Yakub sung the song "Where is the party tonight" at every place. Bus stop, hotel everywhere.

The boy, his name is Sarath, don't know any of these. poor boy. I'm not angry with him but with his sister. because its our flat. she came there and calling me a party crasher? I went there after cheriyan called me. Usually I don't go to any programs. :( I really wanted to kill her [huhh not really.. she was just being a "girl". she cant help it.]


Think before attending any parties!
And don't pose for any photos. If u do, make sure the birthday boy/girl knows u well. :)

Note: This is published just for fun. Its just something that can happen to anybody. It doesn't mean to hurt anyone referred in the post. I request everyone to take it as fun. Thank you.

After sometime sadu asked me it was really me who brought the cake and all?

I replied:  "No man. What else I could say at that time? As if  I 've no other work to do, to bring her a cake!


  1. Guess what Roomie!!

    I even Managed to get the Foto of you "Party Crashing"!!

    Should I post the Link??

    Also, I think it wouldve been better if Fazil posted it!!!
    You have edited some & softened the story from the version I heard!!
    We need more Tax in it!!

  2. @ Nibul
    Podei its unedited version.

  3. hehe, that was real funny! lol!
    Luvd it nevertheless, n will be careful henceforth! lol! :P

  4. This is blasphemy!this is madness.where is the uncut version.and by the way did you arrange for the cake and the decorations.reveal the truth behind that remark also :D.hahaha

  5. @ Sadu
    Hey its uncut version. You know it better than anyone else. Ya I'll include that too.

  6. wooww party crasher .. nyways i liked your new name ..CONGRATZZ .. :P ... :D
    @nibul : please post d link :P

  7. Awwww! That must have been really embarrassing :) :)

  8. @ Dhanya
    :) more like a comedy scene, when people started making fun of me.

  9. ha ha ha ha!! why do i think that there is an unedited version that you've hidden from all of us? I'm sure that vivek can find out more from sadu?


  10. @ Pratheek
    Nay. There s none. If I had, I wouldn't have posted this in the first place.


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