Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Eid

Eid Mubarak. I bought new dress today. :) People are  asking me, being a Hindu, why I had to buy dress on Eid?  I believe in one and only one god. I don't think there are separate gods for Hindu, Muslim and Christians.  You can reach a destination by different methods right? By bus, by boat, by walk etc. Consider our destination as God and different methods/routes as religions. All problems are solved. Believe in your paths. And respect other ones. Thank you.

Happy Eid


  1. three cheers to the spirit........

  2. @ Cheerz
    Thankz dude. Fight for it.

    @ Choco Luver
    Thanks dear.

    @ Bhavya
    Thank you Bhavya.

  3. You will hate the word I'm gonna use for this post, but it was damn cute :)
    Such posts are needed today.

  4. @ Mads
    Thank you. Be a human. Religion divides us and humanity unites us.

  5. ur example of reaching a destination by different means (bus, boat, train etc) couldn't have been more simple or clearer... such a wonderful way to articulate the basic idea of one goal/ god, many ways to get there. how i wish more people could see it that way..

  6. @ Pratheek
    I think now more people are now open to this idea. Especially the new educated generation.

  7. Insightful thought
    hey man,you are really different,of course in a good way


    liked your post

  8. @ the other side of me
    :) Thank you.M flattered.


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