Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Name It[3]

"If its like this, there will be terrorists from god's own country."
They laughed at me. Some had trouble in catching breath.

I felt pity. And I looked them with teary eyes.
Later we together saw it coming.

I warned all when they won their first election.
They smiled. A sarcastic one.

Again, I looked them with my teary eyes.

Because I know. A day will come. May be its in a classroom, a train compartment or a bus stop. He will be teased for being a born "[Name of religion]". And he'll feel discriminated.

But my eyes were teary not because of that. It was because he won't think as I would have. He will realize he is a "[Member of religion]", he'll pledge to kill others, he'll choose brothers and sisters on religion. He'll forget that are all human.

Religion divides us. Humanity unites us. Be a Human. Discourage politics which has religious roots.
 Note: Dear friends, this post is not against any religion. Like all of you, I too believe in god. But believing in god doesn't mean we have to fight each other because of the differences in  the way we worship our god. And we all know there are people who use our faith for their own mad dreams. This is against them. Not against any religion or  believers.


  1. ............the cry against religious politics....

  2. increase the volume let the world hear tat humanity n love is all wt the mejority want.... no everybody want
    let your voice be the one making the self reailization of every humen being

  3. sadly, this is the way 'god's own country' is going... it was a place known for its tolerance, understanding and harmony, but it seems that those days are numbered now... a very well-written post, Randeep...

  4. @ Pratheek
    Yeah its true. Thank you for commenting. Visit often :)

  5. religion is a private matter. no point in shouting about it standing on rooftops. nice post

  6. @ Harish
    But its becoming a public matter. People wont understand it until someone of their become a victim of it. Thank you for commenting. Visit often :)


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