Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A bunch of losers

Its because we love, We feel hurt. Its because we love, we miss each other. Its because we love we doubt that other one is ignoring us. Yes its because we love, we end up in breaking. Every time it starts with a communication breakdown. so always talk to them and clear your part. Even if nobody is listening. Because you wont regret in future as "I could have told her/him".

Heck. Be a loser.

I was thinking about us. Losers. Look around. All you can see is us. But do you know we control the world. We lead the world. We tell stories, we make films, we write books and we help others.

You might be confused. Well. Let me explain. Let's start with books. Somebody ditch someone. He/she get disappointed. Waste so many time thinking about the other one. Lots of dreaming. Then he/she write something. It becomes an epic. Films: we lose somebody in a very bad way which we cannot just accept. We wish it should never happen to others. We want to tell others our story. Thus we become directors. But you know how this books and films do well? We, the losers, go to films and watching them we say "Its my story". Let's see how people become political leaders. Most of them are born in poor families. No food, no electricity, no water, no nice dresses etc. They had dreams. But they see some people enjoy all the luxury in the world. They want to fight for their rights. They know pain so they can understand other's too. They become leaders. [Rest we can guess]. And some others, they are born in wealthy families. They cant understand why some people can't have what they are having. They try to help others. Losing everything they have. Thus they becomes humanitarians.

You know we losers are the reason for all existing goodness in the world. What is others doing? They are making money. Screwing girls. Hurting other people for time pass and fun. Those winners you know, they are the reason for all bad things. They read books just to get idea for winning girls, cheating others and becoming billionaires. They don't care how others live.

So who's better? us. Right?  Poor you. Can't you hear it? they just called you a loser again. So wake up. become a winner. This earth belongs to them. Roomie think twice before commenting. because if there is a rally of losers, you must be the one who should hold the flag. You know it. Right.


  1. "Althtu ya falthu everything gonna be FALTHU tension vension chodde yaraa...HOJA FULLI FALTU"

    faltu jaisa koi nahi...

    Koi tho ussually broialer hotha hai na :)

    dai cool thought bt I tnk needs refining clearity n strength

  2. :). nice post .. could have written more on subject


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