Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A yogi came in my dream.
He smiled.

I didn’t smile back.
He asked me why I am angry with him.

I told him that, “I don’t like people like you. You say the ultimate truth is before our eyes. You ask us to look carefully. But you people never tell us what is it. I tried. but I couldn’t see anything. Why can’t you just tell us? The truth.

He smiled and replied.

If I tell it, you wont believe it, Because it is that simple. You will ask “is it?”. But if you search yourself and find it, you will know how simple and how great it is.

I didn’t know what to say. At the moment I started to say something, he vanished before my eyes.

Note 1 : Now you know one thing about the universal truth. It is simple.
Note 2 : I lied. I didn’t see this  dream. I simply wrote it.
Note 3 : I’m not mad.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Random thoughts [3]

I was waiting for Rizpa, its then this big bull came to the road. It stood in the middle of the road, not minding the traffic. I missed that snap. I terribly wanted a good cam with me. I was going to coimbatore after my cousin's engagement. I'd to meet Rizpa too.I'd a good chat with him about his new crush[roomie note it]. After a while he dropped me at the KSRTC bus stand trissur. Coimbatore bus was waiting for me. I got in and searched all the seats in a glance. The seat near conductor's was free. I jumped in and settled there. It's after a five minutes this guy showed up. A fat one. The seat was small as it can hardly accommodate two medium sized ones. Our guy didn't even care that the seat is for conductor and sat beside me. It became very difficult me to sit there. Bus started moving.

I told you before right? I love traveling. When I'm boarded, the only thing I'll be worried about is that the destination is getting nearer. The journey is going to end there. The guy who sat near me didn't even smiled at me. He started eating something. So I didn't want to disturb him either. I'm telling you, you should tell a hi/hello to the one sitting next to you in bus/train or whatever. In these days nobody does that. I always felt like jailed in bus/train when I was travelling alone. When someone is talking to you then its something else. You wont feel lonely. You wont be bothered about the time. etc.

I was thinking about something. You know it's not my mistake. According to "The monk who sold the Ferrari" there are about 60k thoughts going through our mind everyday. Bus passed a beautiful girl. Face of a girl whom I saw last day in bus came to my mind. She was gorgeous. I fell in love at the first sight itself. I am sure if I was there in that bus a few more minutes I would have proposed her. And I regret about the 30 minutes I was with her for not to do so. Well. Anyway she was not from my religion. But.. Oh just forget it.

It started to rain. I could smell that smell of fresh sand. I hate people telling I love rain n all. Who doesn't love rain? The girl's face came to my mind again.

I started thinking about the marriage. Well I have no plan for one soon but you know. One might have some doubts.

What if she won't listen to me? What if she wear dresses I can't accept. I mean much exposing ones. I found this one as the most important and annoying one. Girls do wear exposing ones to attract boys? Well I don't think no good boy will come to her with any good intention seeing that. A boy know where a boy will look in a girl and for what. Thats why he tell his gf or wife to dress neatly. But it always end up in fight as girl telling "Don't act like my dad".

If a girl doesn't get respect and just getting hits then is just the flesh. Its a matter of money then. [I'm not insulting any of my female readers. With all my respect I'm telling you to take this positively. I'm not anyone to advice you on your dress. Its just my opinion.]

What if she doesn't like my parents?, What if she doesn't like my friends? What if.. What if.. I gave up. Rain stopped.

I found my self thinking about marriage again. How can you marry one whom you don't know. The girl's face came to my again. I didn't knew her before. So it was just lust then. So there is no such thing as love at first sight.

Six months will be enough. I thought; to know one better[Sometimes I felt like one lifetime wont be enough]. A friend's words came to my mind. She said this after having a fair friendship of two years.

"I like chatting with you, talking with you, Walking with you and etc. But thats it. Nothing more than that. I cant think of any other way." Having known each other for more than two years she couldn't love me. Then how can I expect one who doesn't know me at all to fell in love with me because of a knot around the neck? Or is it like that? Is it just an adjustment?

I was happy as it rained. When I rains the leafs n all becomes real green and roads become sexy black. I love it. I was smiling simply.

To tell you the truth, I fell in love with life. I know whats going through your mind. Well. let me explain. Do you smoke? If not, I don't think you'll understand it. The more you smoke, the more you'll understand.

Suppose you are sitting alone. And you are smoking. You had a couple of cigarettes and you are smoking the last one. And you are taking the last puff. You will die for a few more puffs. You'll terribly want some more. If you really enjoy smoking.

Its same in case of life.

When you become crazy for life. Dying to get a few more happy moments always, Then you are said to be in love with life. It doesn't matter, whatever phase you are going through. You'll enjoy it. We all know. Without sadness there is no value for happiness.

One nice girl was standing at the front end. But I was day dreaming too much and forgot about her. At the time I get back to her, she had already established a full duplex connection with somebody else from the back row.
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