Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A yogi came in my dream.
He smiled.

I didn’t smile back.
He asked me why I am angry with him.

I told him that, “I don’t like people like you. You say the ultimate truth is before our eyes. You ask us to look carefully. But you people never tell us what is it. I tried. but I couldn’t see anything. Why can’t you just tell us? The truth.

He smiled and replied.

If I tell it, you wont believe it, Because it is that simple. You will ask “is it?”. But if you search yourself and find it, you will know how simple and how great it is.

I didn’t know what to say. At the moment I started to say something, he vanished before my eyes.

Note 1 : Now you know one thing about the universal truth. It is simple.
Note 2 : I lied. I didn’t see this  dream. I simply wrote it.
Note 3 : I’m not mad.


  1. haha nice...yes universal truth is in itself is simple...its we who are complicated...

  2. There was a correction in your post!

    Note 1 : Now you know one thing about the universal truth. It is simple.

    Note 2 : I’m not mad.

    Note 3 : I lied.

    Conclusion: You are a Psycho!

  3. @ Tweety
    Yeah. You got it.

    @ Roomie
    Yes. And you are psycho's roommate.

    @ Pria
    Funny!! So universal truth is funny too. ;)

  4. Very impressive. :)
    Gyan at a young age. Even you did not reveal the simple truth.

  5. Hmmmm.. i didnt knew that its simple?? Only we ppl r and make it complicated.. rite?
    Sure u didnt go mad?

  6. Soliloquy is often the best way to get answers.

  7. @ Dishita
    I agree with you. Thanks for commenting. visit often.


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