Thursday, June 2, 2011

My weired dream

I was sitting in my room. It was half past ten.

I took a piece of paper and wrote names of books I want to buy. They were Looking for Alaska, East of eden, The perks of being a wallflower, Norwegian wood, Brideshed revisited and Blood meridian. I put that paper on my desk and went to bed. At that time CIA was chasing Bin Laden. Laden was running. He was running through banana trees. CIA after him. Laden was in his typical Afgan dress. He seemed to be smaller than in his pics. He had his trademark beard. And he was running. CIA was in khaki police uniform! With AK-47s. The entire scene looked like the one in a comic book Pratheek give me. Which was about Vietnam war. Except Bin Laden.

And somehow Laden got into my room!! And he took the piece of paper which I wrote the names of books. He was searching for pen I think. But he didn't get it. And CIA got very close. He jumped through my window (I still couldn't figure out where those iron grills gone). CIA was shooting him. He jumped the fence-wall at backside of my house. CIA tried to shoot him again. But he escaped. CIA guys cannot jump over the fence!! I could clearly see Laden hiding in those clay bricks.

Suddenly the scene changed. It was not my neighbor's land at the backside, now there is a mosque. But they didn't let him get inside. I wondered why. He tried to get into a few houses also. One house owner let him in. CIA couldn't find him. But they surrounded the whole area.

A few days Laden lived in that house. But the house owner's son didn't like it. So he betrayed laden. CIA came and shoot him to death.

While they were searching in his body they found the paper which I wrote the names of books. I don't know how they found that it's mine. But they caught me and arrested me.

You know. It happened before. They arrested me before. But whenever they did, they couldn't take me to jail. I woke up on the way to jail.

What a weird dream.

PS : This is just a weired dream. I apologize if it hurts any body's religious or any of other feelings. I neither love nor hate Laden. But I'm sad that he died. And I don't know why.

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