Saturday, July 16, 2011


Its when you really want to live you realize the death
And at the moment you realize death, you lose all your youthfulness
There is no life then,
Its just waiting, killing time.
I wish if I could, live happily and forget death.
I never knew, still I dont know, neither I think I ever will,
Find, why the thoughts of death always end in you.
I always thought of death as departing you.
Time has given you a lot of faces
And sometimes I get confused who are you in those.

I've lots of incomplete posts in my lap. The thing is they will remain same. So posted one.


  1. Its incompleted perfectly

    Love the last two lines :):)


  2. 'Time has given you a lot of faces' ~ I can so relate to this.

    There is something about the incomplete posts. Each time you come back to them, you're taken back in time. Some posts are for the world and some just for us.

    Take care,

  3. So true.. and its pretty much the same way i feel when holidays are about to end and a new semester begins.. :|

  4. Live every moment to its fullest so when death will finally arrive it will seem sweet :)

  5. Time has given you a lot of faces
    And sometimes I get confused who are you in those.

    At times, I think death is the fall of night.
    At times, it is withering of a rose.
    The last leaf of an autumn fall
    Or the wringing pain of life?

    Which face is yours, sweet sweet death?
    Do not tempt me further.. I shal drive ahead.

    Tried completing it.


  6. the thoughts just got mixed up.

  7. @ The other side of me
    Thank you :)

    "Some posts are for the world and some just for us." Loved it :)

  8. @ Viya
    Viya I'm little confused here :D Holidays and new semesters ;)

    @ Sh@s
    Yep. Totally agree withya.

  9. @ Punam
    Luved it dear. I dont know how to tell. I'm really happy that somebody tried completing it. :) :) :) And it was awesome. Thank you :)

    @ Viddhi
    Mixed thoughts. Mixed Feelings. Have fun. Tc.

  10. :P
    Do stop by my blog... You've been Awarded! :)

  11. sometimes 'incomeplete' thoughts make 'complete' sense---perhaps not the way you want them to, but neverthless in a way they perhaps are meant to do...

  12. @ Viya
    Really! woo. Thank you. I'm coming.

    @ Pri
    A writer must not reveal what was on his mind when he wrote it. If audience still can relate it then he is successful as a writer. Well I'm not a good writer. :)

  13. I got your med test reports. Dont worry, it was a mistake, you are actually fine. The results are normal. I think it got mixed with mine.
    Cant get you on fone , or online, so posted it here :)
    enjoy!ke, you are actually fine. The results are normal. I think it got mixed with mine.
    Cant get you on fone , or online, so posted it here :)

  14. @ Roomie
    Vattanalle. Yeah you wont get me on fone. Simply looking at your fone wont connect with me. You hafta dial my number. And my med reports were always normal :P

  15. A lot of unposted stuff stays with every blogger and I suppose it's the closest to our hearts :)
    nice post :)
    Happy blogging mate :)

  16. @ Ayushi
    Thanks you. :) visit often. Tc.

  17. It was sad.. But again its a state of mind :-|

    Btw, nice header... I am here after a long time.. loved the new look :-)

  18. It's always incompleteness that leaves you with a chance to be complete, isn't it? Or probably to contemplate and dream on about what a complete one would be, I guess it would be probably boring if you were perfect in everything or too complete yourself! :P

    And I know exactly what you mean here, I do not know if you have written this on losing somebody or just as a passing thought. But losing somebody close can be the most shattering thing in the world, you lose not only the person but also a world that would just have existed with that person. And once its over, no amount of pleading can bring that world back to you. My eyes fill up even as I write these words. You brought back silences I hold back everyday till bedtime!
    Neverthess, tought thought and good expressions :)

  19. @ Shabnam

    You reminds me of a quote by Anais Nin.

    "Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."

    Thanks for the comment dear.And yeah nothing can replace what is lost. But i'm sure you'll get a better one.


  20. it's wierd how most of us realize the importance of things only once they're gone.. and the hard truth is that when we do realize, it's often too late to get em back.. well i guess somethings are bound to remain incomplete..yet leaving a very sleek hope of being able to someday complete em... nice post

  21. @ I~am~she
    Yes. We should see the things as we may go blind next moment and live like we will die tomorrow. Thanks for the comment. Visit often. Have fun :)

  22. are you paying these girls to comment? :P

  23. @ Nibul
    Yeah. All are me only. With different names. :P

  24. I have a lot of incomplete posts too! Ugh.

    I sometimes feel that writing is a lot like traveling. That sometimes, some travels are just too short to feel complete. Which is kind of a bummer, right?


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