Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear you [2]

Dear you,

Do you know how happy I am to have you? When the word friendship is being talked too much. I don't like that word. That is why I call your nickname always. When I see and hear the stories of how others are, I find how lucky we are. Of course there were ups and downs in our friendship. But I never felt bad about you. Because I know you'll never hurt me. Even though if you say something that may hurt me, I know you didn't mean it. But it never happened from you. I really think there was something from me because I'm not that good in predetermining how my words would interpret. But those are just words. May be one can think of something and when put into words they may come with another meaning. That can happen. And it happens often with me. But as I told before they are just words. Who can read other's mind? I was always happy when with you. Smoking those weeds and listening to your mad ideas.

I always felt happy when you won something. I was always proud of you. I felt happy even when we both tried and only you succeed. Because I never felt lost when victory was with you. But you know some bastards are there. They will come and tease the one who failed, telling he is jealous of the other. They just want to ruin a friendship. You know such people exists. And I hate them. I'm telling you all these because some people made me mad doing all this. And I hate people who make mean comments. You know they just do it to hurt us. And there are some people who even make mean comments before the dining table. I have no idea how much money I owe you on account of the food we ate. But whenever I'd money I used spend it. I know there is no meaning in saving it for future. No one can say we will be alive tomorrow. We are some souls meet in a small space for a small time. So why would one quarrel for such silly matters. But it hurts me when people say about the bills they paid weeks ago. And I hate those people who keeps the things we said carelessly or as jokes and later mention them. Now I know how good you are as a person. And there are people who watch whatever we do and interprets our deeds according to their weird thoughts. They are the most dangerous. They will say things we can't even imagine. I love you so much because we were never like that.

And there was never a competition between us. I think that is the main point. I've seen friendships break just because of it. We never felt that one of us is superior to the other. And another thing is that we never made fun of our parents. There are lots of people who do that telling their friendship is very strong and they don't feel anything doing so. But I don't believe that. Who won't feel sad when one calls bad words on their parents? And if you watch them you can see that their friendship won't survive much time. And I don't understand how people can hurt us and still talk to us as they didn't do anything. Or as they-did-something-and-they-don't-give-a-damn manner. When I get the feeling that I might have hurt you I won't be able to look at you. I'll be feeling guilty. And when I'm really hurt by somebody I can't even say a word.

But one thing I'm afraid of is the situations such you are in trouble and sad. I won't have any idea what to say to u. How to comfort you. I have always found me searching for words in such situations. Or I'll say something very frank. It will be practical but it would be the worst thing one can say at that time. And I apologize if I'd failed in such situations. And it was easy in my case. When I was sad. I just had to look at you. You have a cute funny face. Don't laugh assole. I'm telling the truth. And the things you do will make everybody laugh. I'm happy to have such a wonderful friend.

Several times we had thought we lost the heat of it. When the distance became larger and when the routines changed. But we never gave up. I think it is only because of you, it still survives. You are too good. I wish if everyone has a friend like you. And a friendship just like ours.

I was in hell of a mood. Feel better now. :) And there is a lot of I's me's and you's. Don't think I'm boasting off something. Everything in this world makes me feel too small. And I feel we are still children. And as somebody told. There is no seven wonders to a child. There are seven million. And you and our friendship are among them.

Loving you,


  1. Roomieeee... Love you lootss!
    Ente kannukal nirayunnu :D
    You are the best thing that ever happened to me!!
    This is more than a just blog post for made me totally sentimental with this post...
    ... fuck off!! That was just for a moment. Back to the real world. Dont mess with my emotions :P

  2. Wah!!

    A wonderful read!!

    with each line...I was lost in memories..sort of like a trance...

    Thanks da randeepe!!

    And, your writing has changed. You seem to explain more. longer sentences. which i like. :)


  3. good one buddy. Its great to have a friend like you, who has always been there for me.


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