Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Independence day message

We all are going through a difficult phase, in which we see, talk and hug people on basic of their religion(at least some of us DO!, sadly). And want to get whole country(later the whole world, I don't know what after that) under one religion. And we will fight for that, just to make our God, the winner. I never understood the fact that when the God can't take care of him/herself, how he/she will protect us. I don't think  that, one cant live in a world because he/she believe in a different religion. I have wrote about this before. In an older post "I believe in one and only one god. I don't think there are separate gods for Hindu, Muslim and Christians. You can reach a destination by different methods right? By bus, by boat, by walk etc. Consider our destination as God and different methods/routes as religions. All problems are solved. Believe in your paths. And respect other ones."

And fighting each other we distroy our Nation. Just think. You belive in a God and you cant worship him/her. You can't go to temple/mosque/church? You have big house and concreate fence but anyone can break it? You have beautiful wife and children and anybody can hurt them? You have big playground in front of your house but you just cant play! Who will protect us from all these? Who is protecting us now? Our Nation. Our System. Lot of people tried real hard to make it perfect. But you know nothing is perfect as our God. So flaws will be there. We can point it out and make it better.

So on this independence day we should also take independence from our narrow religios thoughts. We should see everyone as human being rather than categorizing them on basis of cast, creed, color, language, region or religion. We know all of them divides us. Only love for humanity unites us. We all took birth. We all will live, here for a short span of time, with a small number of people, in a small region of earth and we will all die. So why would we fight, hurt and kill each other? We can believe in whatever we like and live happy and peacefully. Every religion tells that "You will feel the real happiness only while helping the needy ones". So lets help each other and make our nation more strong and more beautiful.

Jai Hind.


  1. I Love this post!
    Someone rightly said "God is too big to fit in one religion"

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