Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bitch [2]

Reposting this after years. I just love this. There is no hate in this.

It was a dark rainy night.
I was falling from the sky,
I could see the dark wet earth from the sky in the lightning.
I was bleeding. My heart was missing.

Now I can see her
Standing in the rain.
In her black jacket with hood.

In her left hand was my beating heart.
In the right, a shining knife.
She looked at me with her fiery eyes.
I could see her lips starting to make a gesture of happiness.

Before I could open my mouth.
She cut my heart with the knife into pieces.
Yelling "Waste"!!!

That was the end.
I never saw her again. Neither she saw me.
We didn't exist in each others world after that.

Coffee sip

Till you finish last drop of my love.

Your rosy lips, 
As I lose the last hope of having someone to love.

As I close my teary eyes,
In response to the forbidden love and the beauty of life.

I loved  the sound of you knocking at my door.
And that's why my dear,
I always hesitate to open.
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